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Sammy 1 year ago
She look like martha my ex GF.
1 year ago
This woman is an absolute GODDESS.
Tricked 1 year ago
My wife and I had been talking about interracial sex I don't know whom bought it up first. I arrived home early from work heard her in bedroom moaning and saying "too deep". I walked in the black neighbor from down stairs had her legs on his shoulders fucking her hard. I was mad my dick got hard and I was horny. She told me to join so I stuck my dick in her mouth busted my nut packed my clothes and left. Filed for divorce a week later.
Xxx 1 year ago
Daaaaang....that dude is dark as night. Eeeeesh.
1 year ago
Would love to know her name she is beautiful
JJJ 1 year ago
Cute girl.
ñu music 1 year ago
she looks like alice glass from crystal castles
xxx 5 months ago
Two more things....the dude has black fingernail polish on! Wtf? And then secondly, the dude is young so why does he need a cock ring to help him keep it up? He should not have any issues keeping the dick hard. Dude is a softy.
1 month ago
You white guys you can't even call yourselves men. Your wacked why be married you'll justify your action some sad pathetic way but you can't. Why did you two both taking vows to each other when they obviously don't have any meaning. The women have enough love and respect for the marriage not to submit to simple lust another big or not .
3 months ago